Crouch End to Palmers Green?

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LucyJane321 Tue 15-Oct-13 13:31:12

We live in Crouch End with our 17 month old boy. At the moment we have a flat but we would like a house. We have seen some nice but small ones in Bounds Green and are now thinking about Palmers Green as you can get more your money. The estate agents said lots of people from Crouch End and Muswell Hill are moving to Palmers Green... Is this true? Has anyone done this and how have they found it?
I really want a friendly community where we can get to know our neighbours and other young families.

ifonlytherewastime Wed 23-Oct-13 13:22:17

I know lots of Crouchenders moving to the Alexandra Palace area. You also get a lot more for your money and the Alexandra Park School is v. popular.

Don't know anyone thats moved to Palmers Green.

crazyhead Fri 25-Oct-13 14:11:13

Ally Pally is still at least 700k for a house though isn't it ifonlytherewastime? - what's your budget OP? I've got friends in Palmers Green who like it - especially nice near Broomfield Park although that bit is also fairly pricey

MadameBuh Fri 01-Nov-13 14:37:58

Ooh, hello. Great to see lots of new posts about moving to Palmers Green!
We moved from Crouch End a year ago now. We too were in a flat with our son but found out we were expecting twins (now 9 months) so really needed more space.

Like you, we looked at Bounds Green but felt there were no shops, cafes that were local enough. Palmers has beautiful Broomfield Park, the odd nice cafe, waitrose & boots on the high street. Dont get me wrong, it is not crouch end. The high street is a bit ropey in parts & if another bookies opens I might be forced to pelt it with stones, but we felt it had the best balance of stuff we need & (knock on wood) potential to become great. The houses are mostly Edwardian & are generally lovely. The ones nearest the park are the biggests & beautiful (but expensive). We ended up hear Hazelwood school - lovely 3/4 bed houses.

We genuinely have the nicest neighbours who all popped over gave us cards/gifts/wine to welcome us. I have met a few very lovely local mums. All haved moved in the last year or two & are ex crouch end or Ally Pally.
(Also v impressed with the politeness/loveliness of all the trick or treating kids last night)

So badically it's pretty good here. Feels safe, house prices (relatively) readonable. Lovely park, great neighbours. Just wish the high street was better. And to be very honest, I do miss crouch end, but short of a lottery win, we were not going to get a house there so I'll get over that.

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