Any Palmers Green mums around?

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CroqueMadame1 Tue 01-Oct-13 10:42:17

Recently moved to the area (don't think it's on the mn local list though)

Just wondered if there were any local mums around ?

Lucyannieamy Wed 02-Oct-13 19:27:23

I'm in Palmers Green. It's a good area, lots of good children's centres, Hazelwood, Tottenhall and Trinity at Bowes (TAB). Palmers Green library does sessions too, Monday and Friday. Baskervilles tea room by the park is a great place to meet. My kids are 3.5yrs and 8 months, happy to meet up if you like.

CroqueMadame1 Wed 02-Oct-13 22:00:53

Hi Lucy, thanks for replying smile

I live literally 4 doors down from Hazelwood CC and still haven't even gone in to have a look!

I love the park and the Tea room (went to a movers and shakers class there) but haven't been to the library yet.

My son is 9 months old. Would love to meet for a tea/coffee if you're free, maybe next week?

MadameBuh Fri 01-Nov-13 14:11:55

Hello! We moved to Palmers Green (from crouch end) nearly a year ago now. I have 9 month old twins & a 4 year old. I have managed to meet a couple of local very lovely mums who have also moved into the area relatively recently, so we are around!

Baskervilles & park are lovely. Winchmore hill library is worth a look as is The Little Teapot. Much more locally, there is a small rec & small & in need of a refurb playground at the bottom of Park Avenue. It's an easy place to let the kids run around.

I'd be happy to meet up, I'm sure I could rope in a few of my neighbours too. We live v. close to you. Let me know.

(I have recently been to movers & shakers a couple of times with the twins - might have inadvertently met!)

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