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Luvmy2babies Wed 04-Sep-13 11:01:08

Hello, we are moving to crouch end at the end of this month, and my daughter will start nursery at Coleridge Primary. Any thoughts on this school? Is it a good nursery?
I have a 3 1/2 yr old girl and 17 month old son. Would love to meet other mums!

inreallife Thu 05-Sep-13 10:37:22

Hi there,
Coleridge nursery is lovely, my daughter went there and has now moved up into the school, and my little one will be going there next year. Its a great school and very sociable, so it won't take long to settle in.
Do join the Crouch End meet ups group. We're all local mums and its great to meet new people. You'll get an email every time we meet up, so when you are settled come along.

Good luck with the move,


Luvmy2babies Thu 05-Sep-13 13:35:32

Thank you, Emma! I'd love to make new friends once we've settled smile

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