Bounds Green/Wood Green borders - good for families?

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Tashki Sun 28-Jul-13 19:32:35

Hi there, my DH and I have sold our flat in Crouch End and are looking to buy a house. We've seen a gorgeous one in Truro Road (the High Road End) but don't know much about the area - can anyone help? Is it safe and family friendly? Are we in a primary school catchment black hole? (hours of research has given me a huge headache but no firm results). Any help would be hugely appreciated as my brain is fried! Thanks.

Idontcarewhattheweathermansays Tue 30-Jul-13 22:01:54

Hi there,
We made the move from a flat in Muswell Hill to a house in Bounds Green and have been really happy with the move. There's a really nice pocket of roads around us here- Stanley Rd, Highworth Rd, Evesham Rd, that are in the catchment of Bowes Primary- a very highly regarded and Ofsted outstanding primary, and it's only a short walk to a couple of really nice big parks- Arnos park and Broomfield Park. Bounds Green school has also got a very good reputation. Don't get me wrong, central Bounds Green is nothing like Muswell Hill/Crouch End but the 299/102 bus takes you to MH broadway in about 5 mins, and there are so many young professional families moving into the area that it's got the same sort of feel in the residential streets.

maisie1978 Tue 06-Aug-13 09:41:59

We moved there last year and really like it too. Ally Pally is a short walk away and there's a big regeneration project happening there. There are lots of nice local activities, like markets and street parties, and the area feels safe. I don't think it will be as cheap to buy as it is at the moment for much longer.

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