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fionathepink Wed 12-Jun-13 20:24:56

Anyone had a recent homebirth at the Whittington? I heard that they no longer have a dedicated home birth team and frankly, I was punting on getting the same midwife as last time around for the next one. Wondered how it was working with the other midwives running home birth.

Also, do Royal Free run home birth? I'm technically out of the area (by 2 streets) but hope they will bend the rules a little. I do not want to end up in labour ward again.

Chlorags Thu 29-May-14 23:54:09

Hi fionathepink, I just wondered what you ended up doing in the end? I had my first baby with the Whit Home Birth team and they were excellent, but now worried that they have disbanded and wanted to hear from some people who had had a recent home birth with the way it works now?
Thank you!

bubbleguppies Tue 08-Jul-14 14:37:41

I'm bumping this thread too, as also would like to hear any recent experiences.

Cariad007 Tue 08-Jul-14 21:13:55

I gave birth at the Whittington In February and cannot fault the care I received. I saw the same midwife at every appointment and also took advantage of their free maternity acupuncture service, which I highly recommend. I was a bit concerned with my Downs Syndrome screening result so they went out of their way to arrange for me to have my 20 week scan at UCH's Fetal Medicine Unit with a consultant and fortunately my son was fine.

I had him at the Birth Centre and it was a wonderful experience. The rooms there are lovely and have double beds, pools, balls, birthing stools, TVs and ensuite bathrooms. I had a water birth and then stayed in the room with my partner and baby until the following afternoon. The midwives were lovely and brought us breakfast and lunch and showed me how to breastfeed etc.

Really cannot recommend them more highly!

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