10 inspiring and easy ideas for giving to your local community – what could you do?

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inreallife Wed 01-May-13 18:31:18

Mumsnet has got a brand new topic for volunteering and charitable giving, but we'd also like get some action started locally in Haringey.

We're frequently blown away by the ingenuity and generosity of Mumsnetters when it comes to helping each other out; from challenging each other to fundraising runs, to prodding others to give blood/sign the bone-marrow donation register, to knitting/crocheting for MN's very own Woolly Hugs.

So here are ten ideas to inspire you to do something positive to make a difference in your local area (you'll see it doesn't have to be a massive drain on your time or resources). www.mumsnet.com/campaigns/10-easy-ways-to-support-a-good-cause

Go here to www.givemore.org.uk/mumsnet/ to make a pledge of your own, and we'd love it if you shared what you pledged on this thread.

GailCaig060811 Fri 21-Jun-13 21:20:52

A really easy and enjoyable way to get involved locally is to go to your local school's summer fair - even if its not your kid's school. Its a great way to entertain the children and feed yourselves and every penny you spend goes directly to supporting the school, helping them to provide facilities or activities they couldn't otherwise put on.
Our school fair - Belmont (Rusper Road, N22, Sunday June 30th - 12 until 3) - is going to be packed with brilliant activities, amazing food, competitions and entertainment and is down to the hard work of a brigade of volunteers. Showing your support by going along would not only be a fun afternoon but also mean a huge amount to the school and its community of staff and parents who put so much into the day. I'm sure exactly the same can be said of all Haringey school summer fairs. So do your family and wider local community a favour and pop along to a few near you!

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