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EmmaMumsnet Mon 28-Jan-13 15:14:38

We had a thread on the main site asking about parking restrictions in Crouch End. This came in from a Local Councillor… thought it might be helpful.

South side of the Broadway (M&S, Dunns Bakery, Town Hall square, Indish, Queens Pub side) the CPZ runs in the side streets from 10am until 12md.
On the North side of the Broadway (Kings Head, Budgens, Waitrose side) the CPZ runs in the side streets from 2pm to 4pm.
Basically you can not park in a CPZ zone when a CPZ is active - 10am to 12md or 2pm to 4pm unless you have a CPZ permit or park on a meter.
Other general restrictions remain in force for example no parking in the ambulance bay, or the scatter of disabled bays, on double yellow lines, zigzags, GP bays etc

There are a few time limited free spaces in the Library car park.

Alternatively there is the small Crouch Hall Road car park close to the Broadway which has pay and display (currently less expensive than the high street P&D).
The main high street has pay and display and there is limited pay and display in the side roads.

Go a bit further into the side roads and it is free outside of the CPZ hours described above according to whether you are on the North side or the South side.


Cllr Lyn Weber
Independent Councillor for Crouch End

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