School Safeguarding issue's

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Seinwnejdn Wed 16-Jan-13 20:54:30

I think the school is totally in the wrong here.
This happened to us and our 5 yr old was at the open school gate, leaving at home time

Initially the head took it seriously and we involved the head of the governors too.
However, their actions did not satisfy us that they were taking safeguarding seriously enough and we took our child out of the school.

In the first instance you need to have a meeting with the teacher reaponsible for him.
Keep good notes in everything that was said.
Escalate to the head if you aren't happy
And then to the governors.
If you aren't happy with the governors then you need to contact the LEA.
There should be a complaints procedure available to you on website or if you ask in the office
It most definitively is not your fault. The school has a duty of care to your child and there should be a missing child policy that the staff need to follow.

We escalated our complaint to the head of governors but when we left the school we dcided that it would look vindictive to report them to the LEA and ofsted.
In our last letter we begged them to change the way they viewed what had happened. Basically a member of staff said she was looking for our son, but in effect she was standing with a group of children waiting to seeif he would turn up! He was 5 yrs old!
I hope that they have seen the error of agreeing this was an acceptable way to behave.

Anyway, I would be strong and make notes and keep on at them.
Making sure the kids sre safe is so much more important than exam grades etc.

daquanashanti Tue 15-Jan-13 23:05:36

My son is in reception and has managed to get out of the school and onto the road, three times. I spoke to the school the second time, bearing in mind it was another parent that told me the first time not even the school, they made it seem like it was down to me. I haven't spoken to the school today when it happened for the third time as my children go after school club, but i am going there tomorrow and would like some advice about how to deal with this. We send our children to school expecting that they are safeguarded. Now i am scared to take him to school.

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