Fortismere catchment

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ShiatsuRia Thu 30-Aug-12 08:49:49

I'm in Muswell Hill. We are about to move and are considering secondary school catchments. My son is just starting yr 4 so we still have a while to go before applications.

Does anyone know the catchment ruling for Fortismere? Silly question, of course you do! Is it 0.3 miles and if so were is that calculated from?

Although I'm favouring APS - I just want to know Fortismere options too.

Pavlovalove Mon 26-Nov-12 21:56:37

The catchment changes every year as it's a case of accepting musical aptitude /siblings/special needs etc then the rest of the places are filled with the nearest applicants. The boundary is not predictable each year as different families will be applying.
It is ' calculated ' from the Heads office, I'm told & yes, is approximately 0.3 miles or so.
Hope this helps.

saraandjemima Mon 18-Mar-13 13:39:40

The distance of the furthest child offered a place in 2012 was 0.5232 miles not sure if this includes siblings etc though

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