Scared of confessing your PND to Doc

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lovelymummy47 Tue 12-Jun-12 00:47:58

Hi mums,

I have a 6mnths old baby and 2wks after she was born I was diagnised with mild PND. And my doc reffered me to IAPT, It took 4wks for the IAPT to screen my condition and turned me down saying I do not need their service. Since then my mood has been deteroriating every week and I'm scared of going back to the doc that they might take my baby away due to the fact that its been 6mths and I am not well.
Is there any mum going through a PND moments? How do you cope with it? What do you do to help yourself not go down the route of getting real bad thoughts and lack of energy? Pls advice

Shellywelly1973 Wed 13-Jun-12 00:01:36

I have had 5 babies. I got PND with my 4th. Please go back to your GP/HV/any health proffessional!

You have been let down by a poor service, IAPT...well to be honest i cant work out who they do help!

I ended up paranoid&suicidal due to PND.

Im not saying you will but i needed help when my ds was2/3 months old but didnt due to fears like yours until he was 8months old.

Things that helped-getting out of the house every day. Eating regulary. Taking vitamins. Getting into a routine. Talking to a friend or anyone u can trust. Each negative thought that pops in ur head-FIGHT IT WITH A GOOD ONE! I found this hard but 7yrs later do it naturally.

You will get better,no one will take your baby, this is not your fault. PND does not make you a bad mum. Infact your a very good mum as you have already tried to get help.

Look after yourself. Take care. X

Shellywelly1973 Wed 13-Jun-12 00:03:33

Oh&go to bed at a reasnoble time!!! lol

GoldenButternut Fri 01-Feb-13 17:06:17

Hi Lovelymummy 47
I am new to MN, and have just come across your thread! I have 3 children and had quite severe PND with my second and mild PND with my third who is now 18 months! I do hope you followed the advice of Shelleywelly1973 and went back to your GP to let them know you still needed support. After my second child I benefitted from a couple of months counselling and was on anti-depressant for just over year. It all worked wonders to come to terms with and to understand the illness, as well as to take the edge off my symptoms and enjoy motherhood! Really hope things are better for you! smile

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