Anyone interested in volunteering from home?

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portana Mon 03-Oct-11 12:30:57

Hi everyone,
I have recently won an award to start my own community project which will involve parents that have been in long term unemployment to volunteer from home doing some arts and crafts with recycled materials. You will receive a reference after 6 months of working with us. You can find out more here We are looking for people from all backgrounds based in London but we are hoping to extend to the rest of the country soon. If you are interested please contact us through the website and we will send you more information. Thanks. Ana
PS: You can also see more of our work here

Mamma79 Sat 15-Oct-11 08:13:24

Soundsfun and I am interested... I have always been an arty person but got stuck with work and motherhood that I couldnt find the time to do this... Im going to have a look at the website now... thanks. grin

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