Charity Knitting Circle - North London

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LauraEBean Tue 30-Aug-11 12:17:31

I am setting up a charity knitting circle in which a group of crafty (or not so crafty) people can meet, exchange skills and patterns, socialise and contribute to an excellent cause.

This is not a religious group but St. Jude, as the patron saint of hopeless causes has been chosen as the name as the idea is to bring a bit of hope to those in otherwise very difficult situations.

At the moment I am making items of clothing for the aids orphans in Africa, however I am happy to propose a new charity either every year or 6 months.

If anyone is interested in this, please let me know!

All are welcome - please let me know if this is something you would like to contribute to.

Laura x

RememberYoureAWomble Fri 16-Sep-11 11:15:40

Hi - where and when are you thinking of meeting?

I'm interested, but I work full time, so could only do evenings. Also get v limited knitting time as I only have chance to knit once the DCs are in bed and then have a tendency to fall asleep after a couple of rows.

Good idea though.

fionathepink Mon 10-Oct-11 15:33:19

I am up for this, just let me know when/where

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