Save Priory Park!!!

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MissTea Wed 15-Jun-11 14:29:01

Calling all local mums who use Priory Park and other parks around Haringey...

Haringey Council are planning £1m cuts in Haringey's Parks budget (a 50% cut). Signs of the planned cuts are already visible in Priory Park, with litter bins being emptied much less frequently, and the water in the paddling pool not being filled with fresh water this year. You may have noticed the overflowing bins in the playground already.

There is a petition we can sign, but it needs 2,200 signatures in order to initiate a full Council debate. You can sign it online at

Please forward this message to anyone else you know who uses and relies on our local parks!

Thank you.

Truffkin Wed 03-Aug-11 12:29:48

I've signed and let others know about it. I love Priory Park and although we've no children yet (first on the way!) when friends and family come to visit we always take their children to this great park!

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