Save Highgate Children's Centre! Be there Fri April 8, 10am!

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chungkingdream Tue 29-Mar-11 01:09:16

Highgate Children's Centre, N6, is threatened with losing its funding.

Please bring everyone you know to the public consultation meeting on Friday April 8 at 10am, Highgate Primary School. The more mums, dads, grandparents, children the better! Let's make some noise! Tell everyone you know. Lets fill the room.

You can also email:

Also join the Save Highgate Children's Centre Facebook page for updates - but don't think clicking Like is enough - we need to take action!

Highgate Children?s Centre has been open for just over a year and in that time has made an enormous impact on the local community. The centre is here to support all local children aged 5 and under and their families.

Almost 1000 children have registered with the centre and an average of 250 children come in every single week.

People come to the centre to see the midwife, to have their babies weighed, receive breastfeeding support, see the health visitor, attend courses on weaning, first aid, baby massage and new mums? yoga and parenting classes. There are also music, messy play and story telling sessions, playgroups each day for babies or toddlers, twins and children with allergies and a Dads? Club. Highgate Children?s Centre offers fantastic value for money and many families say they would be lost without it.

The proposals suggest that Highgate Children?s Centre would be open only for baby weighing and ?signposting? to all other services elsewhere in Haringey.

wobbegong Tue 29-Mar-11 22:32:14

Completely agree to be worried about cuts to Children's Centres.

Can I ask where you have read that the proposals suggest that Highgate Children's Centre would only be open "for baby weighing and sign posting to other services"?

The reason I am confused is that I have the consultation document here in front of me, and it states that Highgate, Stonecroft, Rokesley, North Bank and Stroud Green would all be Associate Children's Centres offering the standard offer, which is laid out here and is an awful lot more than baby weighing and signposting. Thought it is worryingly vague.

I can completely see why you are unhappy about the loss of the parenting programmes, access to psychology services etc. (and that's what I'll be saying in my consultation response) but I am a bit worried that I am missing something and you know something more that I do!

foxtrotyankee Thu 25-Apr-13 09:04:30

I appreciate this thread isn't about Wolverhampton, but we have a petition for the government to reconsider their position, withdrawing funding: - would really appreciate if you could spread the word and sign this, as it's the same message across the country I think.

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