Anyone From Basingstoke Area due this Year?

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Zeel Tue 06-Apr-10 12:39:55


Fairly new to this site and hoping it will be an oppurtunity to meet up with other new mums in the Basingstoke area with our new sprogs and a cup of coffee!

I've lived in Basingstoke for 2 years now and havent had a chance to mingle within the community due to working in London everyday.

Anyone out there..... Shout! :D

Meglet Tue 06-Apr-10 23:33:34

I'm not pregnant but wanted to keep this bumped for you.

When are you due?

Wonderstuff Mon 12-Apr-10 14:06:30

Hi Zeel. I'm in Overton and due in July. Whereabouts are ya? When are you due?

annemarie90 Fri 30-Apr-10 14:20:44

Hi Zeel and Wonderstuff
Im new to this site too, and looking for the same thing (a chance to meet other mummies in the area).
I am due the 30th May and getting quite nervous now but also excited, when are you due and what area in Basingstoke you from? Im in Popley.

Zeel Wed 05-May-10 19:00:02

Hey Girls - Sorry for my late response. Im Preston Candover. Due on 7th June. This week will be my last week at work and will already thinking about what I can do to make the time at home a lot more interesting!

Wonderstuff Mon 10-May-10 22:43:15

Hi annemarie90 I work in Popley - at Everest. Maybe we could all meet in town at some point? I still have 6 weeks left until I start maternity leave, but I only work 3 days a week I have a 2 year old to occupy me the rest of the time grin

annemarie90 Thu 20-May-10 11:11:38

Hi ladies, sorry for the delay in responding my little one decided to make an early appearance so he's now with us. Zeel I know what you mean about the being at home, you just keep counting down, although I was lucky he came 2 and a half weeks early so only had a couple of weeks at home. Wonderstuff your lucky to have a lil one to keep you occupied until your new addition, although i bet it's tiring!
I think it would be nice to meet up, town is good for me whenever suits you ladies really :-)

Wonderstuff Mon 12-Jul-10 12:20:50

Wondered if it was worth reviving this thread? I'm still pregnant! Hopefully not for much longer?

MelissaM Mon 12-Jul-10 23:28:46

Hi all and congrats on your lo's for those that have had theirs. I'm not in B'stoke, but just down the road in Winchester. DC2 due 14 July, and DD is 3. Would be great to meet up with some other mums.

wonderstuff Tue 13-Jul-10 08:32:48

Happy due date for tomorrow MelissaM I'm due on the 18th. Tis tricky to plan with babies due so soon! Thursdays are the best day for me - had both children and nowhere to go - if the weather improves again maybe an afternoon at Eastrop Park might be nice?

skyeplusbump Tue 13-Jul-10 08:47:47

hello! ds due sept 6th and dd 2
not in b'stoke,
just down the road in andover...any of you planning on meeting up?

MelissaM Tue 13-Jul-10 08:52:08

wonderstuff Thursdays are a good day for me too as I will have both children, and usually no plans. Eastrop park would be great when the weather improves.
Probably best to wait until the babies due imminently have arrived then arrange something - maybe in a couple of weeks?

wonderstuff Tue 13-Jul-10 08:52:46

Gosh hasn't been this much interest in a Basingstoke thread for many a month! Think we need a date - what works for people?

MelissaM Thu 15-Jul-10 12:08:45

Any Thursday as you suggested before is good. No sign of my lo yet, but I would imagine I won't be up for too much 'out and about' fir a couple of weeks after s/he arrives. Earliest then I would like to commit to is 12th August. How does that suit?

wonderstuff Thu 15-Jul-10 12:18:54

I can do August 12th smile hope your lo doesn't keep you waiting too much longer, this last bit is a killer..

MelissaM Tue 27-Jul-10 08:51:47

I've pencilled in 12th Aug, if you're still up for it after the arrival of your little bundle. Anyone else fancy joining us on the 12th? smile

MelissaM Wed 04-Aug-10 14:09:53

Hi - can I be a pain? DD had an accident at nursery and badly cut her finger. Have to take her to docs next Monday so have swopped nursery to Thurs (12th) as only day they had room for her. Can we rearrange for a different Thursday please? Or I could come along just with my little man.

wonderstuff Tue 17-Aug-10 11:50:09

bums, totally forgot about this - sorry sad

Hope your dd is ok MelissaM
Next 2 Thurs are booked up, what about 2nd Sept?

MelissaM Tue 31-Aug-10 13:22:09

Hiya - sorry haven't been on pc for what seems like ages. Got my 6wk check this thurs and Lucas's got a pead's appointment next thurs. How about the 16th?

DD is ok thanks although her finger is a bit of a mess. Will heal ok eventually. She has been a bit of a drama queen about it - saying that she couldn't walk because of her finger (even limping too!)!

wonderstuff Thu 02-Sep-10 20:03:41

lol @ limping dd. 16th I can do smile

MelissaM Tue 21-Sep-10 14:01:25

Sorry - lucas was taken into hospital on 8th so I was there with him until the sunday. Thankfully didn't turn out to be anything really horrid, just a nasty virus, but had us worried for a few days. Seems to have finally shaken the virus now and is on the mend, but with all the drama haven't managed to get on here until now.

Could manage this Thursday (23rd) if not too short notice. Or 7th Oct?

wonderstuff Sun 10-Oct-10 22:49:58

Keep forgetting to check this thread!
What about this Thurs (14th?)

MelissaM Thu 14-Oct-10 09:43:33

sorry - just seen this (keep forgetting to check to and have been away for a few days). couldn't do today anyway sorry - how about in two weeks - the 28th?

wonderstuff Mon 25-Oct-10 18:14:21

No sorry busy on thurs - week after?

MelissaM Tue 26-Oct-10 17:37:54

i'm free the 4th.

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