Moved to Old Alresford nr (Basingstoke/Winchester) mid-2008...looking to meet other local mums....

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Housemum Mon 02-Feb-09 19:52:09

Hi, I'm in Basingstoke, mum of 3, (is there something in the water??) - 3 DDs aged 15, 5 and 1.

Would be good to meet up (when it's not snowing...)

lollyheart Mon 19-Jan-09 18:35:23

Hi purpleblueberry.

How are you doing?

I dont mind where we meet maybe a soft play center?

I also know a couple of other mumsnetters that live near me with children of similar ages maybe i should ask them to meet up aswell?

Do you have facebook?
my email address is lollyheart 81 @ hotmail . com if you want to add me?

Nice to hear from you xx

purpleblueberry Mon 12-Jan-09 22:52:37

Hello Lollyheart
Thanks for your response, sorry mine has been so delayed...I haven't had a chance to get on the computer since last week when I joined! Am happy to pop up to Basingstoke (it's about 20mins drive) and would be good to hook up at some point. You are of course also welcome to come down this way if you'd prefer. Not sure what would be easiest. As have never done this before not sure about how you go about these things! Anyway would be good to hear from you :-)

lollyheart Wed 07-Jan-09 18:03:28

Hello purpleblueberry

I live in basingstoke, im 27 also a mum of 3, a daughter of 4 yrs a son of 2rs and another son of 4 months.

Its always nice to meet new people.

purpleblueberry Tue 06-Jan-09 22:06:00

Hi am new to this site, just wanted to drop a line to see if there is anyone else local(ish) to my area who would fancy meeting up - I am a 30 something! mum to three. 10, 2 and 5 months (boy,girl/boy!) Its lovely here but being a bit out in the sticks it can be a little more isolating than being a stay at home mum already is! I do have friends but most are working full time and my 2 year old is particularly bored with just my company (most of the time!) If anyone fancies meeting up for park visits/walks/chats/tea/cake (or just tea and cake!) please get in touch

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