I am sick of the bloody queues in the post office and sainsburys in town, arrggghhhh!

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wonderstuff Mon 01-Dec-08 21:30:39

Thats good, they've closed Brookvale, Old Basing and Kings Furlong

meglet Sun 30-Nov-08 18:43:34

the kempshott one is still there. so i use it for posting e-bay stuff.

And it's probably only still there because the Tory MP has her office above it, with a bit of luck she'll block any plans to close it.

wonderstuff Sun 30-Nov-08 16:07:43

I feel your pain. You know why the post office is such a nightmare don't you? They have closed ALL the local offices, think Chineham centre is the only one left, so everyone has to go to town and queue for an hour or so.. No explaination for Sainsbury's, its always been awful

meglet Fri 14-Nov-08 21:49:02

Is it just me or are these 2 places the worst places for sodding queues. It's driving me mad at the moment.

rant over grin

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