Soon to be new to Basingstoke with a first newborn!

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nikkihowardiow Wed 12-Nov-08 19:46:07

Hello All,

I am currently a member within Wandsworth SW London, I'm a new mum-to-be, due to have a C-Section in London on 02 Dec, and then I'm moving to Basingstoke on the 14th! I'd love to get to know any other new mums or mums to be in the area. I'm moving to central Basingstoke with my partner to be nearer to his work. I'm 28, and on maternity leave from my job working in Human Resources in London. If anyone has any regular meet-ups I'd be grateful for any heads-up, or if anyone would like to meet for coffees / walks etc, please let me know! Many thanks, Nikki

kys Thu 13-Nov-08 13:48:07

Hi Nikki welcome to the Basingstoke site its very quiet on here at the mo. I check it a couple of times a wk but not much happening.
Im not a new mum, my ds is almost 4. But ive lived here all my life if you have any questions.

meglet Fri 14-Nov-08 20:34:46

hello! If you are on facebook join the mumsnet group and you'll see me on the 'whats your mn name' pages. You can add me if you want. I live near the town centre. Lived here all my life too grin. It's not a bad place to live IME. If you are near the town there's the sports centre for swimming, several baby & toddler groups, library for baby Rhymetime, 2 nice parks to run around in and last but not least not forgetting the rock'n'roll experience that is Baby Clinic!! Best of luck with your cs, I had an em cs with DS and a planned cs with DD.

wonderstuff Sun 30-Nov-08 16:29:12

I also live in central Basingstoke, it's much better than it used to be grin Good luck with your C-section on Tues. My dd is 13 mo now, but it only feels like yesterday she was newborn, I'm back at work pt but am around mon and fridays and am always happy get together for a coffee. The NCT run a baby and toddler group on Friday mornings at Brookvale Village Hall, there are lots of new mums there and its pretty friendly. There is also Brookvale Toddlers on a Monday morning, they have a baby area but there are fewer new babies than at the NCT group.
Feel free to add me on facebook kirsten _ robinson AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk

Niecie Sun 30-Nov-08 16:45:59

Hi nikki - I also live in Basingstoke and have done for most of my life. I keep trying to escape but something keeps dragging me back!

I don't have any babies left, I'm afraid, mine are 8 and 5 but I used to run a toddler group I still have dealings with. We are a little bit out of town in Kempshott though.

Between us I am sure we know all there is to know!!

Good luck with the

littletownofmeglethem Fri 12-Dec-08 17:17:47

nikki how are you getting on? I hope the cs went well and you are taking it easy while your DP does all the packing and moving.

cornishangel99 Mon 04-May-09 23:05:27

Hi Nikki, do you still check this board? if so my babe was born on the 2nd Dec as well, if you still want some mummy company let me know.

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