Single mum with toddler-girl sought (for feedback/advice)

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TeddyPan Thu 01-Sep-16 12:18:31


I'm a (working) mature single-dad of a toddler girl, aged 3 yrs and two months (Mum died from cancer when she was just a baby). No friends or family to speak of, but we're doing ok -- all things considered. Our relationship is warm and close, but not intense; we're both pretty chilled, and I get plaudits from mums and nursery alike as to her happiness and development. All good, and I'm so very thankful for that smile.

But in the spirit of 'unknown unknowns' I wonder if, living in our own little bubble, I am missing some things that may benefit my little one. Or me! So, I thought, I wonder if there may be a single mum with a similar aged little girl, or older perhaps, with whom I could share a relaxed coffee and chat and see how a 'real' mum gets by! In the workplace I guess we'd call this mentoring or shadowing...

I'm so bad at asking for help, but I guess that's what I'm doing smile

Great to hear from you if you have an hour or two to spare anytime, ping me a message and I'll get back with contact details etc.
All the best,

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