Looking for a dentist - must be good with child with dental phobia

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BlightyFiveStar Fri 29-Jul-16 21:19:55

Hi we are new to the area living off the A3 near Clanfield/ Petersfield. I need to find a good dentist for us parents plus 3 kids aged between 9 and 11. None of the children are keen on dentists but one of them is extremely averse to them, due to a school accident some years back which smashed his front teeth and led to repeated hospital admissions and surgery. He had some treatment for a dental phobia which helped and also he grew to trust his treating dentist which greatly helped. Now due to the house move we need to start all over again (and cannot travel to go back to the person he trusts as he is now overseas). It seems there are limited options around if we want to be able to access NHS treatment. Can anyone recommend anyone local please? I am prepared to drive some way for the right person.

Ideally we need an endodontist to follow up on the surgery, and also will need someone who can do braces for all 3 kids.

I have seen there are NHS patient vacancies at Mydentist.co.uk - can anyone tell me about this chain and any particular branches which are good (or not)?

Also having lived overseas we are bemused by the number of payment plans etc which seem to be available. Does anyone have a glowing experience of one in particular? Given the kids' ages we anticipate some years of orthodontist treatment etc ahead.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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