Commuting from Chandler's Ford to Winchester - how is the traffic?

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Lattetogo Tue 12-Jul-16 09:37:23

I'm relocating back to the UK with my family soon and we have found a few rental properties that we like just outside of Chandler's Ford. DDs school is in Winchester. Does anyone know what the weekday commute would be like to Winchester and back?

HaPPy8 Tue 12-Jul-16 18:00:19

What sort of time of day would you be travelling? And do you anticipate using the motorway or back roads? I commute chandlers ford to winchester via back roads. If I go in for 8am ish traffic builds up in some areas and can be slow but moves if you know what i mean? The motorway gets busy and slow but again it does move. Its not too bad.

User68534603134 Wed 13-Jul-16 17:47:53

Which school? I moved from Winchester to Chandler's Ford a while back and my commute was about 20 minutes, but we're only 5 minutes from junction 13 so could be longer or shorter for you.

Lattetogo Thu 14-Jul-16 11:22:58

Hello My first daughter has to be dropped off at St Swithun's, Alresford Rd, about 8ish and my younger daughter needs to be dropped off at Prince's Mead (Abbott's Worthy) for 8.30am. I will also collect my younger daughter first in the afternoon around 3.30. I could take either the motorway or the back route, whichever is quicker. The two houses I have looked at online in Chandlers Ford are in Colvin Gardens and Pantheon Rd, Scantabout. They look like nice places to live. Do you know anything about these areas?

User68534603134 Thu 14-Jul-16 16:44:12

Both areas are nice and fairly near the motorway. I'd take the motorway from J12 and get off at J10 for St Swithuns. That journey itself is not too bad, but adding Princes Mead as well will make it a long round trip. You might be better looking in Kings Worthy unless you have other reasons for looking in Chandler's Ford (work?). Chandler's Ford is nice but when you think about school events, after school clubs, sports fixtures etc you may find yourself in the car a lot. It would be easier if they were both at St Swithuns though, if DD2 will be going soon.

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