Moving from Inverness to Horndean

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mkarra Wed 06-Jan-16 17:52:47

Hi there

My mil passed away and my father in law has offered us his lovely house in Horndean so that he can watch his grandson grow. He will buy a smaller house nearby.

I have only been there once, long time ago and I really don't remember much about the area. I am originally from Greece but i have lived in Inverness for 14 years so I feel safe here smile The thought of moving to a bigger area frightens me but it ticks lots of boxes, nicer weather for a start!

My son is 3.5 yrs old. The nearest schools would be Woodcroft and Padnell. Are the preschools / primary schools good in that area? Is the overall area quiet as in safe? From my google map research lol i can see that there are some facilities 20-30mins on foot (parks, leisure centres, super market) but i don't drive. Is the bus service good? Is there anything particularly good or bad about the area?

Overall, would you recommend the area to bring up a family?

Thanks for reading!

HappyToBeInHampshire Fri 29-Jan-16 22:55:05

Hi, I've only just seen this post, I was brought up in Horndean and my parents still live there. We were at the other end from where those schools are, although Horndean is supposedly a village, it has the population of a small town and is pretty big, with more houses being built all the time. However it only has village facilities ( a big supermarket on the outskirts, a small parade of shops, small shops scattered around the estates, a small community centre, a few pubs, there is a fairly big soft play place as well). I can't really answer about schools, pre-schools etc as all my knowledge is very it of date (none of my friends still live there) but the bus service is very good for getting to the nearest bigger town (Waterlooville) and then on to Portsmouth, my parents use it a lot.

mkarra Sat 30-Jan-16 20:32:28

Thank you very much for your comments. xxx

FeelingForSnow Wed 03-Feb-16 21:08:52


Im from Emsworth which is not too far from Horndean. I don't know about schools but in terms of others things there is not much going on in the area at any time of the year really. It is mostly covered in houses and houses. Local events are quite boring. I recently moved here from Portsmouth and am very happy living my little hermit life.
As HappytobeinHampshire already mentioned, your best bet for some fun is Portsmouth or Chichester (latter mostly for overpriced shops and no parking). Its not all bad, especially if you like to socialise with your neighbours. I am a Northerner and am not very good at it smile

DapduneWharf Sun 01-May-16 19:27:52

Hi mkarra

I live in Horndean, we're at the other end where the village school is but my eldest DS went to Padnell Infants for 3 weeks when we first moved as they didn't have a place for him at Horndean Infants, Padnell is a lovely little school and we were happy for him to go there but it would have been a logistical nightmare once younger DS started so as soon as a place came up at Horndean Infants we took it. The village itself is pretty sprawling like other posters have mentioned but it has everything you need pretty much within walking distance, there's some great places to take the kids around here and we are enjoying more of a countryside feel (we previously lived at the top of the county in Aldershot where it's more densely populated) have you moved yet? Do message me if you need any ideas or advice on places to go or schools etc.

Good luck! smile

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