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MummaB123 Wed 25-Nov-15 16:21:06

Just wanted people's opinions on something...
A local swimming pool runs a parent and toddler session a few mornings a week, at roughly the same time as an over 50s session.
A new sign up this week states that from now on, the over 50s must use one end of the changing room, and parents and toddlers the other end.
When asked why, I have been told this is due to the over 50s requesting exclusive use of part of the changing rooms after their session.
The problem with this is that in the end we are now 'banned' from, are 2 family changing rooms with baby changing tables (I am only aware of 5 or 6 more, and obviously these are in high demand!).
Also, the only showers with doors on are now in the banned end!
I have raised my concerns with customer services and am told they have noted my concerns but are still going ahead with it. I am currently awaiting a manager to contact me as I feel this is discrimination.
They say the separation is only until 10.30 and the parent and toddler session runs from 10-11, so shouldn't cause any problems. They seem to have ignored my point that the changing rooms can be busy at the BEGINNING of a session, not just the end, and also, we sometimes leave the pool for a shower before 10.30 as it can be quite cold (bearing in mind there are many babies at this session!).
I just wondered what other people's opinions are on this and whether I am over-reacting a bit??

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