New to Liss - local groups to join to meet new people

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NatRoe Sun 01-Nov-15 19:32:09

Hi There,

My hubby and I have just moved to the area from London with our ds who is almost 4! Any suggestions of stuff to do to keep him entertained and me sane? We've signed up to do a few things but looking to find somewhere friendly so we can both make new friends.

Also, are there any mummy only activities I don't know about?

Thanks everyone!


Itsmeorthedog Thu 05-Nov-15 20:19:26

Hello, welcome! Is he at school yet? Are you looking for daytime weekday or after school/weekends?

NatRoe Thu 05-Nov-15 20:37:05

Thank you! Everyone has been really friendly, still finding our feet though. Are you local?

He's still at nursery and is only going in the mornings so looking for stuff in the afternoon - I think he's sick of me and definitely needs to meet some other little people with similar interests as he's feeling lonely and keeps asking to 'go home'.

Victoria2007 Wed 11-Nov-15 14:59:47

Hello! We are also moving to Liss, I have a one year old little girl. We are moving from Godalming and want to get involved in baby toddler groups as soon as possible! Be good to meet up / hear of any groups in the area. X

BuckySmith Mon 11-Jan-16 20:53:00

Have you considered joining Mummies Club - Petersfield

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