A move to Basingstoke

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Mammy22b Fri 23-Oct-15 12:11:03

Hi all, I'm hoping to move to Basingstoke RG22. The home I am looking at is very close to B&Q on the opposite side of Winchester road. I'm not buying, its a council house.
Does anyone have any helpful advice on this area?
I'm not really familiar with Basingstoke and plan a day out soon for a good look around. We live in south Wales at the moment so I know somethings are very different and more costly on your side of the bridge.
I homeschool at the moment so any information on homeschool groups would be very helpful but it would be useful to know about nearby schools for future reference.
What is the general feel of the area though?

wavinghandsroundabout Tue 22-Dec-15 07:37:00

I haven't been on here for ages so maybe you've already moved.

That area is south ham. I think the primary is Park View but there's also the smaller st Anne's Catholic school and it's possible to walk down from south ham to kings furlong school nearer town. I don't know about home schooling groups at all I'm afraid.

There's a nearby Morrisons and lidl and it's not far from the leisure park.

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