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lara3030 Sat 10-Oct-15 18:59:16


I was wondering if anyone lives in or near Liss Forest and could offer any useful information on what it's like to live there? My partner and I are looking to buy our first home and currently work in Farnham and Farnborough, so don't really know the area, but have seen a beautiful house there.

Is there quite a good community feel there? Local amenities, that sort of thing?

Any advice appreciated!

Many thanks,


NatRoe Sun 01-Nov-15 19:22:32

Hi Lara,

We've just moved to Liss from London - literally only been here a week and whilst we're still finding our feet, so far we've found it friendly and really beautiful, plus it's really close to lots of other great places. Of course you need to drive everywhere, and although there's not much in Liss itself, there's great amenities in neighbouring villages.Just trying to adjust to life in the country and enjoying exploring what's around so far. Get in touch if you're up for meeting new people in the area!

Good luck with the house.


Victoria2007 Wed 11-Nov-15 15:04:08

Hi Natalie, I think I may have come across a post from you on another thread... We have a one year old little girl and we are moving to Liss in a couple of weeks hopefully.

Very excited but also a little anxious - Godalming is where we've been for the last two years and there is a lot going on here... have also not driven for an age so will need to get behind the wheel in Liss I think (watch out neighbourhood ; )

I will be looking for baby / toddler groups in the area if you know of any?

Vicky X

NatRoe Wed 11-Nov-15 15:20:56

Hi Vicky,

Yes that was me! Does it look desperate? Haha

My DS is 4 so we're a bit past the baby/toddler group stage ... for now (trying for number 2 so will be back in the loop again at some point) BUT I've heard about loads of stuff going on ... I'll let you know.

Also, if you fancy meeting up when you get here give me a shout. It's been a bit lonely because we haven't met anyone Aidan''s age yet but it'll happen - I would say let's go 'for coffee' but the closest you'll get to a coffee shop is tesco Costa. Yum.

Godalming is in the sticks isn't it? I clearly haven't been so excuse my ignorance if it's hip and happening. Where in liss have you bought?

Natalie xx

Victoria2007 Wed 11-Nov-15 17:57:15

Hi Natalie,

wow - no coffee shops?! Waaaaah! Its East Liss, Patricks Copse Rd. Yes lets go for coffee or you can pop over once we are in!

Godalming is 10 mins from Guildford, it used to be quite villagey but now it feels like a big town. There has been a mass exodus of young families move out from Godalming to Liphook recently. We were looking there and missed out on a house, so decided Liss wasn't too much further south!

Where in Liss are you? X

NatRoe Wed 11-Nov-15 18:28:33

'Big town' ... Guess where this city girl will be taking a trip to? We almost bought a house in Liphook but we pulled out and my hubby thought the same as you about Liss - it's much prettier and isn't as industrial as Liphook IMO but Liss is a little further than I wanted. Still, I'm getting used to it and the bus that comes (what feels like) once a week. Yes, be prepared to drive. I drove in the dark here for the first time today and it was the scariest experience!

We're on Mill Road in 1 of the 4 new houses built, have you seen them while visiting? It's literally a 5 min walk from where you'll be. We went round that way on Halloween and it looked lovely and last week ventured into Liss Forest for the first time - it's beautiful.

We'll have to do coffee - if you can't find your mugs, you're more than welcome to pop here for one.

I met a local lady today who saw my shout out on Mumsnet - I think she took pity on me - and she was lovely and gave me quite a bit of info I can pass on. It was a bit like Internet dating lol.

When are you moving?

Natalie x

Victoria2007 Fri 13-Nov-15 09:16:01

Ha Ha! Im a city girl too. Born and bred Londoner... I know what you mean about internet dating! But I have found it has served me well in the past... I will let you deduce from that what you will lol!

We are hoping to exchange next week. Our sellers are so keen to get out and wanted to complete by next Monday but no way will paperwork be done for then... So I should imagine the move will be in the next couple of weeks, and yes we would love to come over for a mug of coffee please!

I will pm you my details, may not have internet for a while... ugh. thats the worst part of moving... getting address changed and internet set up and all the rest of the boring stuff.

Right, Im excited now! Looking forward to exploring. Its crazy isnt it, moving somewhere new... we've visited a few times, stalked the neighbourhood, seen the house twice... not actually a lot to go on when you think this is where we will be raising the family!

I will message you and be in touch soon. Im glad local lady has taken you under her wing!

By the way whats the deal with that 41 cafe wine bar? Is it open in the day? Also, when I told friends we are moving to Liss, one of them says they make the half hour drive from Godalming specifically for the famous Indian restaurant there? I googled and its award winning apparently. Little things... ha ha


Victoria2007 Fri 13-Nov-15 09:33:27

Ps Ive found Babycentre is a good place for meeting people locally too... might be worth a try. Im going to get on it - did it with Baby number one and it worked out well : )

BuckySmith Mon 11-Jan-16 20:54:05

Have you considered joining Mummies Club - Petersfield

Deedeegil Mon 18-Apr-16 23:11:10

Hi all I'm from London too I'm in Liphook I know where LISS is have been there a couple of times
It's lovely there but yes abit further on from Liphook
Schools are excellent here though aswell so that's the plus side
Get I touch if you ladies are up for meeting with our little ones

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