Please help; advice on schools in New Forest (state and private)

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localuhoh1973 Thu 17-Sep-15 15:03:06

We are thinking of moving to the New Forest (preferably Brockenhurst). We have 2 children, girl aged 5 and boy aged 2. Our daughter is currently at our village primary school.

I have contacted the LEA and the only school with a space in our daughter's year in the area (Sway, Brockenhurst, New Milton, Burley etc) would be Beaulieu Village Primary School. Do MN's have any experience of how long you have to wait (on average) for a place to come up at a school? (Years?) I guess the LEA has to offer you an alternative?

If we are not keen on the alternative school (due to distance etc) does anyone have experience of the local private schools? Durlston Court? Ballard School? Walhampton

HytheScooter Sun 31-Jan-16 17:04:48

I know that Beaulieu's head has recently changed & the new one is considered to be a great improvement. It has a nice small school ethos & works really well so long as your child finds friend(s) within the small year groups.

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