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Claremma Mon 15-Jun-15 19:33:05

Hi All

We are a family of 4 (ds - nearly 5 and dd nearly 3). Too cut a long story short we live in Guildford and didn't get any of our choices for primary school and was offered a place in Woking. Not what we wanted but have now secured a place in Clandon. So in our opinion nicer school however long term this has made us think about moving towards Burpham/Merrow for the long term gain of secondary schools. However house prices are ridiculous and we now feel that almost downsizing for more money is daft.

So now looking towards the potential of moving further afield in Hampshire. Not knowing an awful lot about the area other than my dentist is in Liphook and the obvious tunnel, I would be grateful for what places are suitable.. Please bear in mind my work is in Woking and my husband is in Horley, so realistically we need to be just over the Surrey border.

Have heard Bohunt is the Seconsary school of choice? Any other good ones? Also we will obviously be looking at primaries but it is catchment of a good secondary that will determine the move. Started viewing properties in Hindhead and Lindford. What is Whitehill like?

I would really appreciate honesty as however much I love Guildford I do know there are people that don't and there are areas I would equally not recommend. Suggestions such as amenities, distance between villages/towns etc? Yes I am a townie so struggling with the more village idea but trying to remain open minded and thinking of the long term as to be honest I'm in my mid 30's with 2 young children it's not like i go out anymore other than to Starbucks!! In fact where is the nearest Starbucks?'

Any help greatfully received and apologies if this has all been covered off elsewhere.


OhBotheration Tue 16-Jun-15 17:58:12

I would say Farnborough, having moved from Guildford to here myself. Like anywhere else there are some nice and some not so nice areas. I didn't think there was a Starbucks but then I walked past it today (thought it was a Costa!) The only thing is that the secondary schools aren't as good unless you go private. Good luck in your search.

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