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Mammy22b Sat 25-Apr-15 12:53:56

Hi Mums.
I'm brand spanking new to mumsnet and I come here seeking advice on relocating with my two Lo's (I think that's the correct abbreviation, Assuming it means "Little ones") - Possibly Basingstoke, Andover, Winchester or Other.
I don't know where to start and am looking for information on areas to aim for and areas to avoid.
Primary schools to aim for and avoid - Breakfast clubs and after school clubs.
Possibly Easy public access to Winchester Uni.
Fair access to local amenities: Supermarkets, parks, Picnic areas, kids activites , Local leisure centre? Cafe's,

Things you may need to know:
*I can't drive yet but hope to by the time I move.
*I can't move until next summer. I am committed to University and will be waiting to complete this term before transferring, presumably to University of Winchester. Unless you know of another.
*I will almost certainly need access to good childcare before and/or after school, depending on my uni timetable.
*Reason for move - I can't bear to be near my family any more or for them to continue to have a negative affect on me and my children. I wish to start again.
*I have (Single) friends in Andover but have never yet been to Winchester, Basingstoke or any other surrounding areas.
*Where I go, My LO's go. Its just me and them.
*I'll need to make new friends. New mum friends. The kind that drink tea in cafe's as opposed to the kind that drink Baccardi in nightclubs. (See above and Its worth knowing here that I'm 37, thats way after my bed time)
*I draw on the practices of "Peaceful parenting" ... or at least, I try to
... Most days
... Sometimes it goes well.
* I will be exchanging from council housing - If you've pursed your lips, I promise you, i'm a good person.

* I'll take all the advice I can get.

Can you help?


daffodilys Mon 11-May-15 20:10:08

If you're exchanging from council housing it might be worth posting when you know what estates you are specifically considering.

When I read your post I was thinking that Winchester makes sense but Winchester is a place of extremes and I would personally rather be on the council estates in Basingstoke than Winchester (don't know Andover well). Having said that, there are some lovely villages around that do have council houses, but I don't know how easy it is to exchange to one, depends what you have to offer in exchange I guess!

How old are your dc? Schools are fullish, there are places but not in first choice schools although most people seem to be able to get into their catchment school with a bit of waiting. If they are secondary age then the three Winchester secondaries are all well thought of. Basingstoke secondaries are very average.

martines Thu 28-May-15 11:03:07

If you can be walking distance of Basingstoke train station then getting to Winchester Uni would be fine, quite a pleasant train journey actually.

Basingstoke secondaries are ok, we're not at that stage yet so I don't know all the details.

Everyone slates Basingstoke but we're getting a Waitrose grin.

Mammy22b Mon 29-Jun-15 12:03:32

Hi, Sorry for the delay in replying and thanking you for your advice.

You've been really helpful and its looking like we may end up going with Basingstoke.

I have almost another year to research and make a decision.

Thanks all.

martines Mon 29-Jun-15 12:13:24

if you want to be centrally located in basingstoke you need to look at Fairfields, Cranborne, Kings furlong, Brookvale, oakridge and south view areas. give or take a few minutes they're all walking distance to town.

Further out are Brighton hill, South ham, Winklebury, popley, chineham , lychpit, hatch Warren , Buckskin, kempshott (probably no social housing there though) and beggar wood (new estate on the edge of town. mix of social and private housing).

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