Moving to Colden Common

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gingerlou77 Thu 18-Dec-14 10:49:31

Hi - we're planning on moving to this area over the Easter Holidays 2015, I'm really stressing about schools! Basically, we need to be close to a station for London commute, affordable housing (less than £400k) and within driving distance of Bishop's Waltham and New Forest - with easy commute to large hospitals for my work too. This area seems to tick all our boxes. I'm from the New Forest originally, but live in Sussex now - our children will be going into reception and yr 2 in September. Does anyone have any experiences of Colden Common primary? Is this a good area to move to? Thanks.

Talkinpeace Thu 18-Dec-14 21:22:03

Its a nice school.
Traffic can be a PITA but they should finish the gas work on Main Road by Feb.
Nice area.

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