Local mums please give me your rubbish!!

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imawigglyworm Sat 22-Nov-14 23:03:55

Do you use Tassimo pods? Do your kids (or you) eat biscuits? If yes please join my group and give me your rubbish -YES RUBBISH!!

Im a local recycling collection point for Count The Kicks (based in Bishopstoke) and all im asking is that you save any of the items we recycle to help raise funds to empower Mums to Be with knowledge & confidence throughout pregnancy.

We can recycle biscuit wrappers, Tassimo pods, printer cartridges, stamps, washing up liquid caps, bathroom/kitchen spray triggers, air freshener cartridges and even those good condition clothes that you cant sell or want out of the way. The money raise will be used to fund more leaflets to be handed out into Bounty packs for mums-to-be.

Just visit my Facebook group for more details or email me on the address provided.

Even if your not local to me and would like to help I can still put you in touch with A collector more local to you.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/879858548704709/ https://www.facebook.com/ukcountthekicks?fref=ts

imawigglyworm Sun 23-Nov-14 09:04:39

Sorry it was meant to have my contact email address added too ctkrecyclingbishopstoke@yahoo.co.uk

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