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se90170 Tue 22-Jul-14 07:29:17


We are currently thinking of relocating further out from london and another area interested in is Farnborough? Can anyone advise on the area? What are the schools like, how is the commute into London, are you likely to get a seat on the train?

Many thanks

hotfuzzra Thu 24-Jul-14 13:05:04

We're moving to Fleet soon, which is very close to F'boro. I can tell you that Fleet is excellent, the train is 45 mins to Waterloo and at 7.30 there are still seats available, we did a trial run before putting offer in!
The schools closest to our house are good or outstanding.
The town is a good size and since it is so close to M3 transport links look perfect.
I think we looked at train times and Farnborough trains (from memory) might be a little slower as they go through more stops? F'boro is bigger than Fleet and looks quite industrial in areas, especially due to the airport industry. It is close to Frimley Park hospital which has a good A&E.
I know you didn't ask about Fleet but I hope this might help a little. Good luck!

NatCooper81 Wed 03-Dec-14 10:38:01

We moved to Farnborough about 8 years ago - and we love it. Really strong sense of Community. We have moved around Farnborough quite a bit, and Osbornes Estate Agents were really helpful - give them a buzz!

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