Do you live in the Ringwood area?

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chelseamorning Tue 04-Mar-14 11:20:08

My DP, 7yr DS and I are planning to move to the Ringwood area. Our specific choice of location will depend on various factors. If anyone lives in the area, or has experience of Ringwood, your help with the following would be very much appreciated! smile

1) best primary school(s)
2) best secondary school(s)
3) friendliness
4) kids after clubs (kickboxing, swimming, Scouts, street dancing, etc)
5) better to live in town or village close by (we're easy!). If the latter, which ones have a good community spirit?
6) ability to commute by road towards London and South Bucks. Obviously it will be worse during the holiday season, but are there areas of the town that could routinely slow down a journey?

We currently live in a wealthy commuter village in South Bucks, where people are obsessed with money, the size of your house, where you go on holiday - you get the picture! We're hoping to find some more genuine people who love the outdoors and who play an active role in their community. Perhaps impossible to find??? wink

Thanks in advance!

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