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New2Bstoke Wed 19-Feb-14 12:49:56

Hi All

I have been offered a job in Basingstoke and have to relocate. I have few questions and would be so grateful if you could attempt to answer them.

Can anyone tell me which are the areas i can consider for residence. It should be near to my office which is in Basingview Business Park and easy to commute.

And i have a 3 Year Old kid any Nursery near by will be good.

Thanks in advance.

jen00 Fri 21-Feb-14 22:00:50

Hi, Sorry I won't be much help as I am fairly new to Basingstoke so not sure where your office is exactly or which nursery will be closest for you. If you want to meet up when you move here please message me. I live in Cranbourne close to Viables Business Park and my 4 year old goes to the Hatchlings Nursery in South Ham. We love living here and are really pleased with the nursery. If you can let me know the exact address of your office I will try to help with your search for a nursery. Good Luck! xx

daffodilys Tue 25-Feb-14 20:25:46

What are you looking for in your home and area?
- Do you want to be able to walk to work?
- How large a house do you want/what is your budget - roughly.
- Do you mind on street parking?
- Is school catchment an issue?
- Do you prefer rural or urban?

Basingstoke is a lovely place for families, I'm sure you'll be happy here.

wonderstuff Tue 25-Feb-14 20:35:58


Basing View is in the centre of town, so really it depends what sort of area you want to live in and what you consider a reasonable commute. The nursery at BCOT (local college) is nice and will be near your work, it's in an area called Brookvale which I lived in and loved, it's made up of Victorian houses walking distance from town. There are lots of suburban estates surrounding Basingstoke, if you want to be more rural and can cope with a thirty minute commute there are some nice villages on the outskirts.

New2Bstoke Thu 27-Feb-14 09:43:26

Thank you so much for your reply and time.

My Office is located in Basingview Business park.
- I just dont want to spend much time in traveling, Walkable or area near Bus Station will do.
- Budget for the house is say GBP1000 - 1300
- Street Parking is ok
- I Prefer Urban area
- School catchment is not an issue.

When i google in web for Chav's free area, they are present all over the Basingstoke. Is Chav's a big issue there?

daffodilys Fri 28-Feb-14 12:44:11

Eastrop would be suitable. Brookvale is lovely, some very nice people and a good sense of community. There are some nice homes in Norn Hill, which would be very close to your work, but you would get a variety of people walking home from town late at night, which may be a problem for you. Fairfields might also be ok. All these areas have older types of housing, Victorian through to 1920s.

wonderstuff Sat 01-Mar-14 17:23:00

When Basingstoke was designated a London Overspill town lots of very big council estates were built; Basingstoke can be broken down into 4 types of housing, some early 20th century stock, found in the areas daffodillys mention, this is all privately owned, there is a community feel but there is the odd house which has been subdivided and rented out as bedsits. There are large 60s estates which were built as council houses and are now a mixture of privately owned and social housing, these are less expensive areas, people know their neighbours, but there are some challenging families and higher incidents of anti-social behaviour. There are a few estates built in the 1980s, these are in private ownership, there is less community identity, but lower crime rates (although there is some). Then there are some new estates and blocks of flats, thse are a mixture of private and housing association property, there have been some stories in the local press about drug dealing in the blocks of flats.

So, I dislike the term 'chav' but despite being a very wealthy area with historically low unemployment, there are relatively large areas of social deprivation, it has a very different feel to Winchester or Newbury.

The areas in walking distance to town are all nice, although I think the town centre itself has got worse on Friday and Saturday night (but I think that's common across the UK).

this is walking distance to town in Brookvale. this is in the same area
I used to live on this road and loved it

New2Bstoke Thu 06-Mar-14 09:43:57

Daffodilys/Wonderstuff, Thankyou vermuch for ur reply.

So if have to stay nearby Basingview i have to compromise with Old house.

How about the area Hatch Warren/Kempschott/Chineham. Out of this which will be easy to commute to Basingview either by Car/Public Transport?

wonderstuff Thu 06-Mar-14 12:25:15

Now see I'd think of new house as a compromise smile. All those areas are an easy commute by car, and probably bus. I imagine that Chineham is marginally closer, its on the right side of town for Basing View. If you like newer houses then Gabrial Park in Kempshott has some lovely houses and is a really nice estate.

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