Moving to Salisbury from Kent

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Kentishgirl78 Sat 15-Feb-14 23:24:30

We are a family currently living in Kent. My husbands job is relocating to Salisbury and he just been told he only has one year instead of the two years notice originally advised so we now need to make a decision!

Is there any areas that anyone can recommend? Bearing in mind we have 3 daughters aged 7, 3, & 2 so local schools & amenities are important to us.

My husband is happy to travel up to 30 miles. We have found a few towns & villages we like the look of but there is so much to take into consideration we just can't decide what to do.

Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated by anyone living in this area.


NewForestMummy1 Mon 17-Feb-14 13:34:04

So sorry to hijack this post, but please could you let me know how to post a new message/question? I can't work it out. Many thanks!

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