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ridetomusic Sun 09-Feb-14 20:06:48


I'm moving to just outside Petersfield soon and DC2 is due in April. I'm just trying to decide where to go for hospitals and wondered if anyone has any advice?

I had a big PPH after DD1, but the consultant I saw this time said if I was giving birth here they'd be happy to take me on the Birth Centre, just would put a cannula in during labour just in case I needed it. I'm hoping I'll be able to do the same at my new hospital, but obviously it will have to be somewhere that has a Birth Centre and a labour ward, not solely a midwife led unit. For my own piece of mind I'd also prefer the Birth Centre to be in the same building as the labour ward, not just on the site but in a different building IYSWIM.

I had a bad experience of care on the postnatal ward last time, so would love somewhere where people feel they were well looked after throughout their time in hospital, but don't know if this is possible and obviously having a safe delivery is the most important thing.

Options I'm looking at are Southampton, Portsmouth and St Richards Chichester. Portsmouth is about 10 mins closer.

Any experiences gratefully received!

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