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fireklo Fri 12-Jul-13 15:02:49

Hi All
Are you aware of a series of interactive books that are being distributed to all primary schools within Hampshire. They have been specifically designed to encourage the education of climate change, its impact on communities and how to prepare for such events.

The Susie the Childminder books will be used as a teacher led learning resource for Key Stage 1 students and as an independent learning resource for Key Stage 2 students.

They can also be read interactively for free on the following website; , in a page turner format accompanied by the relevant activity sheets, encouraging shared reading outside the school environment between children and adults (parent/guardian/grandparent).

This series of books are titled:
The Flood ? Covering changing weather, preparing for flooding and safe actions during flooding events

Snowflakes & Icicles ? Covering community awareness, being prepared, energy conservation and safe travel.

Sun, Sea & Seashells ? Beach safety, sun safety (public health) and
water conservation

Feedback about the books from both parents and children has been fantastic. Please respond to this discussion if you would like anymore info.

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