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JsMumm Sun 09-Jun-13 17:54:06

Rach, Sorry to jump on your thread, but we are looking to move to Surrey & was wondering if one of you lovely ladies can tell me how you'll are finding in Fleet. Good areas to live in or areas to avoid in Fleet. Also good primary & secondary schools (thinking long-term). I have one 1 year old & one nearly 3. We were thinking initially of Guildford but think we will get more for our money here. Any advise will be greatly appreciated x

RoLoh Sun 12-May-13 10:25:06

I'm going to be moving to Fleet over the summer hopefully (if we can sell our house soon!) Are you all in Church Crookham? How are you all finding it? I have a 6 month old dd

SuperS Sun 14-Apr-13 18:43:12

Hiya, I moved here recently too, I have a two month old DD and would love to meet some people in the area. Message me if you want to chat! I have no idea what groups are good to go to and am a bit nervous going alone too. blush

bigdomswife Sun 07-Apr-13 19:52:08


Ive just moved to the area - its lovely isnt it? I have a 6 month old Son and am looking to meet people in the area. I have just read your message. If you want to meet up then message me : )

backtotheplanet Tue 26-Feb-13 12:43:27

Hi Rach2583 grin

Welcome to the area! I live in Church Crookham and have a 5 month old son too. There's a lot of toddler groups and things going on in the area. Have a look at the website for the Turners Wood Childrens Centre, Mums in the Know Fleet, Fleet Library does Rhyme Time on a Thursday which is popular, there is a facebook site called Fleet Parents which is also useful.

Where have you moved from? Did you know anyone in the area before you moved here? Hope your settling in ok.

Rach2583 Wed 06-Feb-13 15:03:23

I have just moved to the area and I have an 11month old son. Would be great to meet other local parents and newcomers too!

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