Hmm local skills swap

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ilovefarnb Thu 13-Dec-12 15:55:38

I don't know what to make of this section and I'm the first to post. Well I am a mortgage and protection adviser so if saving you money on your mortgage is a skill then there you go, there's one I can... err... swap.

PrincessOfMuffins Thu 27-Dec-12 20:26:56

Lol ilovefarnb!

I could teach someone Russian... I guess smile

Squidge29 Thu 03-Jan-13 21:28:12

I can make birthday cakes but that's about it! smile

hypnomama Mon 14-Jan-13 21:59:13

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing practitioner. Want to swap for graphic artist, plumber or decorator.

oldrocker Tue 15-Jan-13 13:52:57

I am an EFL teacher willing to give private english lessons and also a very experienced dog walker! ( Not sure if these are mutually exclusive!) - also happy to sit small pets etc, can provide references.

YummeMummeCharlie Fri 07-Jun-13 17:35:25

I'm a personal trainer willing to swap services for a babysitter/childminder for my 2 wonderful little ones aged 7 and 5. References & CRB will be required smile

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