Just moved to Winchester with teenagers!

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guineapiglet Thu 09-Aug-12 14:16:02

Hi, we have just moved down to Winchester with two teenagers - onw just about to start year 12 and one just about to start year 7 - they are finding it a bit tough without their usual friends and passtimes, wondered if there is anyone else out there in a similar situation. Do get in touch, we are very friendly! We are just off Sarum Road.

Velvetbee Thu 09-Aug-12 17:47:25

Hello piglet,
Welcome to Winchester.
Which school will your children be going to? Mine are home educated (aged 15 and 12) but have friends at 'Kings' if yours want to meet some faces before they start.
What kind of activities are they into? Perhaps that would be another way in.

guineapiglet Thu 09-Aug-12 19:44:56

Thank you for your kind message! Was feeling a bit low as not one neighbour has banged on the door since our removal van left! We have finally managed to get the children into different schools - Louisa (16) will be going to PSymonds hopefully, and Luke (11) will be going to Westgate. Louisa is a typical teenage girl, loves cooking, socialising, etc, Luke is very sporty and outdoorsy - loves his computer, reading etc. It would be nice to meet a friendly face - where abouts do you live?

Velvetbee Mon 20-Aug-12 21:58:40

I'm in Badger Farm- May Tree Close. Shame about your neighbours, where are you?

guineapiglet Tue 21-Aug-12 12:08:16

Hi, we are back again after a week's hol. We are just off Sarum Road on the back of Chilbolton Ave - is that far from you? Have no geography of area yet but am learning fast!

Velvetbee Sun 02-Sep-12 23:00:25

I keep forgetting to look on here - I'm sorry, I haven't been remotely helpful. Badger Farm is next to the big Sainsburys but I'm sure you know that by now!
Have your neighbours dropped by? Perhaps you could aquire an unusual hobby that might lure them in or lock yourself out so that they could lend ladders and so on (but maybe I'm overthinking this).
Your not-so-little ones will start this week, how do they feel?
I've just received the prospectus for Symonds as I'm trying to get my 15 yr old to think about the future. It looks impressive.

guineapiglet Mon 03-Sep-12 13:06:52

Hi again, lovely sunshine today, just taken my youngest for first day at Westgate, eldest due to start at PS on Monday. No sign of any neighbours, but did find out that this rented house has been rented out for a number of years, some of whom were noisy etc, so maybe neighbours dont both with lowly tenants! Yes, I think I now know where BF is, just up the road in fact. I am actually a dog walker, so may be that might lure people in! In general they seem to be either retired or with very young children, and integrating teenagers is always problematic! Will let you know about PS - been looking at the ACE courses there for October for myself. It is incredibly well organised and professional, am hoping my daughter will be happy there.

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