New to Basingstoke, and new to this!

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Headleygirl Fri 04-Jan-13 10:36:15

Oops! New to this-meant to create new thread! Sorry.

Headleygirl Fri 04-Jan-13 10:35:16

Hi, am considering starting my own business this year, but nerves are getting the better of me! I know I have the skills, am just daunted as not normally the most organised person.... Paperwork is main concern... Anyone able to boost my confidence, or have any tips?! Lots of people go for it, so why cant I seem to take that leap with confidence?

Housemum Thu 31-May-12 21:22:09

Housemum Thu 31-May-12 21:02:33

The NCT do a drop in bumps & babes toddler group at Brookvale Village Hall on a Friday morning, called Coffee & Chat. They also have a drop-in breastfeeding support in the back room, run by the local breastfeeding counsellors. Well worth a try, you can move on to Starbucks after that smile

My youngest is due to start school so I'm a bit out of the bumps and little babies loop, so not much use me recommending pushchairs! FWIW I had a Pliko by Mamas and Papas and hated it, it felt really cheap quality and the handles always felt wobbly. I thought it was a good idea rather than a bulky pram as it was also a stroller, but I still ended up switching to a Maclaren stroller after 6/9 months. They have been re-designed since then, so perhaps the newr ones are better.

NinaPoppy1 Thu 17-May-12 10:38:18

Hi Natalie

it's the one near Jones shoe shop, look forward to seeing you there

Nina x

Ncm1492 Thu 17-May-12 02:09:09

Hey, thanks both for getting in touch.
Have been reading about the NCT online today. Seems like its worth a look!
Hoping to go to a pram warehouse in the next couple of weeks. Keep finding one I like then if I read one bad review on it I'm not interested!
Friday sounds great. The Starbucks near argos?
Natalie x

NinaPoppy1 Tue 15-May-12 12:38:04


I'm a basingstoke girl and have lived here all my life, unfortunately all my friends have either had children and are back at work or they are enjoying the single life too much! And who can blame them!

I'm also looking to meet a group of mums/mums to be, as i'm due next month with my first bambino! It looks like from the few days I have spent on this site that there is a small group of Basingstoke mums/mums to be looking to meet up!

A few of us are meeting up on Friday at starbucks at 12, if you fancy it, we are all in the same position, we haven't met before but hoping to expand our social group whilst on maternity leave!

Anyway, let us know if you can make it, if not we can always arrange another time and date that suits you

I hope your pregnancy is going well and hopefully see you soon

N x

I also like jess recommend the NCT course, it's a great place to meet mums in the same boat.

Jessi28 Tue 15-May-12 10:50:23

Hi There,

I'm due at the end of next month. So a bit before you, but i'm happy to help if i can. And always keen to expand my social circle. Ive always worked in an office with few women.So i haven t really had much chance to make friends myself in basingstoke, despite being here a few years. And now i'm on leave i'm looking to get to know as many mums and mums to be as possible.
I can highly recommend the local NCT classes, a woman called Mandy runs them and she's just lovely. Your community midwife probably knows her quite well. Why not ask her.
As for pushchairs it depends on your budget. I bought the silver cross surf which was £600 and i love it. However from other people with kids, ive heard the 3 wheeler from mothercare is excellent. And really can last from birth till nearly 3. And ive heard that from a lot of people and it has excellent reviews online. Its also one of the cheaper ones at £200 last time i looked.

If you ever want a baby shopping buddy, or to hear whats been a success or disaster get in touch.

Ncm1492 Tue 15-May-12 01:39:05

Been living in Basingstoke since just before Christmas..expecting my first in August! Partner works long hours and I don't want to be a hermit whilst I'm off work so looking for people due around a similar time? Also wondered if anyone could recommend any antenatal classes....or pushchairs?!?! Soooo stuck on which one to buy!

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