NCT Nearly New Sale - the BIG one Sunday 11th March

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Housemum Sat 10-Mar-12 19:52:25

At Queen Mary's College, Basingstoke. Two halls of fab bargains - thousands of items, all priced up (ie it's not a tabletop sale). Cash or credit/debit cards accepted.

11.30am Sunday 11th March (11.15am for members with a valid membership card)

Meglet Sat 10-Mar-12 20:53:41

I'm missing it this season sad. The dc's are ok for clothes and I can't justify any more toys for a while.

Hope it goes well. The weather is going to be nice so it'll be packed.

Housemum Sun 11-Mar-12 23:03:52

Was a good one - 400 people through the door smile
Only bought some books for DD2 this time - a couple of Michael Morpurgo books that looked as if never been read, so will add those to her birthday pressies!

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