Sewing / dressmaking courses ?

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Dilligaf81 Wed 18-Jan-12 22:27:46

Has anyone been on a sewing course that they could recommend ? Im in Chandlers Ford and would like a one day course as a starter.

ProlificYoungGentlemenBreeder Sun 12-Feb-12 13:43:54

Google lets get sewing. She is also on Facebook.
She is brilliant!

Dilligaf81 Sat 18-Feb-12 20:05:19

thanks I'll take a look

ProlificYoungGentlemenBreeder Wed 14-Mar-12 16:10:45

Bobbins sewing school is in winch.

pootros Sun 29-Sep-13 20:39:34 are an awesome mum/ daughter duo who are great teachers. Eastleigh area when I last touched base few yrs ago.

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