Chandlers Ford/Romsey

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rachaelmd Thu 06-Oct-11 08:24:01

We are moving to the area (job in Chandlers Ford so have also posted ont he Southampton thread) but have been looking west of there. Preferably village location but easy driving distance to Romsey. I have two dd (aged 4 and 5) so need a good primary and then secondary in time. Also interested to know about after school clubs such as ballet, music etc. HELP!

Erebus Tue 11-Oct-11 19:12:34

Chandlers Ford? Knightwood Primary, Thornden Secondary. Easy!

CH F isn't 'excitement central', it has to be said BUT the schools are very good (you absolutely have to be in Thornden's catchment to get in!) and you are a hop from upmarket and expensive Winchester, and ditto every-shop-you-need Southampton.

As for the other (Romsey) secondaries, Mountbatten is absolutely fine, I'm a bit iffy about Romsey (yes, I'm a bit of a snob!), Toynbee- avoid.

Were you to head east towards Winchester, you'd have Kings and Westgate (again, another 'gotta be 'in' school).

You will find all the yummy mummy grin after school stuff in Romsey, Eastleigh and Winchester.

There are loads of villages that are fine though you might like to check your secondary catchments.


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