Eastleigh meet up

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Squidge29 Thu 03-Jan-13 21:41:59

I know this thread is older now but if you're still trying to organise a meet up then i'm in! We live in Eastleigh and my youngest is just two, would really like to meet some other mummys of little ones and the little ones too! smile

ilovemybum Tue 15-May-12 09:52:56

Im currently in Eastleigh smile

Haze8 Sat 12-Nov-11 09:26:48

Hi I am a nanny locally who is available for babysitting. Please contact me
Many thanks

Coffeeisking Mon 10-Oct-11 22:44:08


Would it be a bit weird to have a mn meet up with just the 2 of us? grin

Im sure there is more on here from Eastleigh

TheJiminyConjecture Thu 06-Oct-11 23:34:53

Yay! Another Eastleighan Eastlonian person near Eastleigh! grin

Coffeeisking Sat 01-Oct-11 23:27:13

Is this new? im sure we didnt have our own bit?! how exciting!

TheJiminyConjecture Fri 12-Aug-11 17:19:35


Anyone fancy an Eastleigh meet up?

That's about it really but since this seems to be the first ever post in this topic I feel I should say more!

Looking forward to hearing from you grin

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