Choosing a Secondary School in Winchester

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guineapiglet Sun 14-Oct-12 18:21:44

Hi - we have just moved to Winchester over the summer, I have a daughter aged 16 who has just started at Peter Symonds, and a son who has just started at Westgate, they are both well adjusted and happy at both places, despite missing friends etc. Can give you the low down, feel free to message me - if you fancy a coffee let me know.

Bonnywrites Thu 11-Oct-12 00:44:36

Winchester ?? Anyone know anything about Test Valley School. I have a 15yr DD and 14yr DS. We are not only new to the area but new to the country. Any info about the school and area in general would be welcomed.

magicalmollie Sun 12-Feb-12 12:33:23

Hi greatdanelady
That is really worrying about the drugs problem, is it very bad in all the secondary schools in Winchester? Is it worse than anywhere else. It is so stressful trying to figure out schooling and this news is very upsetting. Can you elaborate for me? My daughter is only at primary school at the moment, but I was thinking of moving to the area becuase I have heard such good things about the schools. But I am worried now. Thanks for any advice.

new2winchester Wed 07-Dec-11 22:23:39

We are in the same position Beanzy! Just moved here so renting at the moment and planning to buy next year sometime; we also have little one 15 months old, so again we want to buy in good location for schools. Also need to be near good primaries if possible - so if anyone has good tips on those too it would be appreciated.
My friend had the good schools guide and I read up on Kings there and it looked v good in terms of facilities and results - but I take the point above that it may not fit all! Guess it also depends if the school fits with you own 'values' and what your child turns out to be like - bit hard to tell so far in advance!!

greatdanelady Tue 06-Dec-11 23:28:48

Kings School is great if you have academic children but a massive let down if you have children with any disablities, dyslexia etc. They are more interested in topping league tables with the bright children. Henry Beaufort was very good but now has a new headmistress who does not enforce the discipline and tries to be the childrens friend, why do they do this? Do not know much about Westgate but all the secondary schools have a dreadfully drug problem and it would be helpful if they actually told parents and gave information instead of trying to keep it quiet and not acknowledge it. I mean as in drug dealing and smoking weed, a lot of parents think this is ok and the norm. The weed is skunk, please look up on internet if your not savvy. I must stop now or will start ranting about other stuff happening in schools.

Beanzy Thu 16-Dec-10 18:56:03

I've just registered and have been reading some of the discussions going on. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this....

We have a 15 month old son and are planning to move to a bigger house next Spring as we have now outgrown what was my husbands smallish ex-batchelor pad!

We feel that the most important part of schooling is secondary school which of course raises the question, which one - and hence, where to move to.

I have looked at the Ofstead reports which has helped but I also think its really important to get local parents' opinions i.e straight from the horses mouth! I appreciate that in 10 year's time, things may be different but for now we will need to go with current opinion, which is where I'm hoping Mumsnet will help.

Please let me know what you think of the Winchester state schools and what your experiences of them are. (We may consider independents too) confused. Thankyou!

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