Play dates around South Park?

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laughingmummy Sun 01-Nov-09 17:41:15


We just moved here (adjoining South Park) a month back, from Dubai. My 8 month old is getting hyperactive, he is a superfriendly, smiley baby and I want to give him some company primarily. And the occasional chat or a coffee with a friendly mum would be a bonus!

This is the 6th country my husband and I have moved to. I too used to be corporate too but not since the baby. So we are especially looking forward to meeting fellow internationals, Asian, South Americans, Africans, Mid Easterns, North Americans (or any friendly natives ), who are relaxed and friendly like us. Language no bar, my baby frequently played with a lovely Korean girl whose mom spoke no English and we still managed to get on! Its all about the lil' ones now isn't it? So...write back and let 'em play!

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