Any mums is Shepherds Bush W12 ?

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MrsRM Thu 06-Nov-08 19:20:26


I would love to meet up with mums in my local area. I have a 9 month old baby daughter.

I have attended a few local groups but found the times don't suit or the other mums there are not that chatty!

Would love to hear from you all!

Mrs RM x

HelenGG Fri 07-Nov-08 13:53:42

I am a full time mum in Shepherds Bush. My son is a bit older though, 17m, but if you dont mind a littleit of an age gap it is always nice to meet other local mums


MrsRM Mon 10-Nov-08 11:28:13

Hello Helen,

Thank you for the message...yes I would love to meet up.
Lets organise a date and place at the end of the week....hopefully a few more mums would like to join!

Mrs RM! x

MrsRM Fri 14-Nov-08 09:19:10

Hi Helen,

Would you like to meet up next week sometime?
Any suggestions on where to meet?


Shooflypie Sun 30-Nov-08 23:16:49

Hi there,
I've just seen this thread and would love to meet up some time. I have an 8mo DS. I'm the only one of my NCT group in W12 so would be very pleased to meet some local mums.
If you are meeting soon then please count me in!

keli123 Mon 11-Jan-10 22:01:20

Hello ladies,
I have just moved to W12 and would love to meet some other local mums. My daughter Hannah is nearly 7 months old.
Please let me know if you plan to meet up and we will be there

Thanx Kelly

Bina1977 Wed 13-Jan-10 16:30:45

Hi Kelly,

I've just joined Mumsnet and live in W12. My little girl, Isabella, is just over 6 months, so very close to Hannah. The last posts before yours for this area seem to be some time ago. Have you joined any groups locally? I also have a boy who's almost 3 yrs and I've been really bad at finding groups to go to with the baby... would definitely be interested in meeting up.


Mashusha Mon 25-Jan-10 17:22:18

Hi Kelly and Robina,

I am new to Mumsnet and live in W12, close to Ravenscourt Park - great place 4 fresh air and coffee in local Fait Maison is good as well -))

What about meeting there? My baby boy Daniel is just over 3 months and he usually enjoys being outside.


VerityClinch Sat 13-Feb-10 19:58:00

Hello ladies.

I live in Fulham, so not W12 at all, but we do seem to spend an awful lot of time at Westfield these days...lovely baby change, lots of places to eat/get coffee etc etc. My DD is 7 months old.

So if you fancy a meet up there, do let me know!

ABirkel Tue 02-Mar-10 08:34:57


I live in Hammersmith. Would love to meet up. I take walks to Ravenscourt park almost daily and plenty of trips to Westfield. I have 6 month old little girl. Have anyone organized a meet up?

Brave12 Tue 02-Mar-10 21:16:22

Hi ABirkel, I have a 3 month old boy and also spend time wandering around Westfield and Ravenscourt Park. I don't know many other mums so it would be nice to meet up. Let me know if you fancy it, Laura

flyingdaisies Tue 09-Mar-10 14:45:51

Hello W12 gang,

Has anyone met up yet? Am up for it also dd is nearly 11 months old.


biz236 Tue 16-Mar-10 23:02:23

Hi W12, My baby isn't due till early May but would love to join the gang when she comes - my NCT class is full of couples from Kew and Chiswick.

HelenGG Tue 13-Apr-10 08:19:03

Hi, I originally posted on this thread in 2008.... my son is now nearly 3! But I now have another boy of 4 months.

Does anyone fancy meeting in the sandpit area of Ravenscourt on Monday 19th morning. Perhaps to the Ginko cafe after?


Mashusha Mon 19-Apr-10 15:12:57

hi Helen, I saw your message just a bit too late.. I take my 6 month old boy to Ravenscourt daily - I would love to catch up someday.

Send me a message as your C-A-M option is closed.

Hmeistersmum Mon 10-Jan-11 15:18:41

Hi,W12 group I know these postings were last year but I wondered if any new mums would like to meet up. I have a 4 month old boy and we regularly walk around Ravenscourt park.Would be really nice to meet new mums for coffee and chat!

ckny1 Tue 10-May-11 23:26:05

To keep the thread active (!), I also live near Ravenscourt Park and walk there almost daily (and am grateful for this gorgeous weather!) Feel as though I missed out on the local socialisation by not taking an NCT antenatal course! Would love to meet other mums, though my DS is only 2 months old.

CCymru Tue 24-May-11 06:21:03

Hi, I also live in W12 and walk in Ravenscourt Park. My son is 5 weeks. Similarly, I didn't do NCT and don't know any new mums in my area. I'd like to meet up for a walk/coffee/chat any time!

AlexandraM Wed 14-Sep-11 21:12:47

I moved to W12 not long ago, i have a 18 months old boy and i am looking for a toddler group in the area. i don't know any mums in this area. does anyone know one?
i would appreciate it very much

ZhenXiang Wed 14-Sep-11 21:26:21

Hi Alexandra, I am not W12, but W6 and I hear this one is good. There is also the Masbro Centre. Plus other childrens centres links here.

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