What do you do with your 13 year old during holidays?

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TazzMum Mon 24-Feb-14 15:44:15

Hi there

Easter holidays are coming up and there are going to be days that my husband and I will be working and can't stay home to watch my son. I used to be able to send my son to multi sports day camps but he is now at the age where he is pretty much the oldest kid attending which is not very nice for him. I am quite limited because my husband works away a lot and I work from 9am-6pm every day. I don't have any family to help out and I can't afford residential camps as they are extortionately expensive. I have already arranged a couple of family holidays for us this year but there are so many holidays that I can't take them all

We live in Acton, W3. Would really appreciate any ideas / suggestions.

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