Experience of VBAC at Queen Charlotte's?

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lucyshap Tue 08-Nov-11 16:44:21

Hi all,

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and preparing for a VBAC at Queen Charlottes Hospital, following an emergency C-section 2 years ago with my first child.

The hospital has recently changed its policy on elective c-sections, which means that this is no longer an option for patients without a 'medical indication' for needing one. Apparently a previous failed induction, very frightening labour, crash c-section and two subsequent miscarriages doesn't count as a 'medical indication' in my case!

So I'm now preparing for a VBAC and would be really interested in hearing about other people's experiences, good or bad, especially at Queen Charlotte's. It would be great to hear of some positive experiences, but equally if you have encountered difficulties it would be good to know what to watch out for!



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